The Juice Show 09 31 January 2021

First episode of 2021, mostly about music I discovered on the last stretch of 2020. A special dedication to the lat MF DOOM, whose influence spreads larger than any show could ever put in words.

This episode features, as per usual, a wide range of flavours and genres, with music from Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman), Zilla Rocca & Chong Wizard featuring eat. billy woods & Lord Juco, Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, Delmer Darion, Josh Johnson, Distank Karma, Blacksea Nao Maya, A/T/O/S and Falconetti.

Listen below and if you like what you hear check out the New Music weekly posts on the online zine.

The Juice Show 08 29 October 2020

Eight episode of our fresh blend of music from all sorts of genres and parts of the world is up on Mixcloud. This one came in a bit later than usual but it's packed with a lot of treats.

This time around I talk about music from They Hate Change, Emma Ruth Rundle, Otik, Błoto, Seekersinternational, Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos, D.K. and KMRU. All very diverse choices, I'm sure you'll find something new to enjoy.

Listen below and if you like what you hear check out the New Music weekly posts on the online zine.

The Juice Show 07 - All Eyes on New Music 27 September 2020

New episode of our music show is up on Mixcloud. Got a bit of everything on this one, from experimental folk to shoegaze and ambient.

Listen below and if you like what you hear check out the New Music weekly posts on the online zine.

10 Years of Juicy 1 September 2020

Juicy 2020 new logo thank you

Juicy is 10 this year. Ten years of a small DIY project that introduced me to some of the coolest creatives around. I started the label to release music from my friends and made so many new friends along the way, couldn't be more grateful about it.

The absolute disaster that 2020 has turned out to be definitely changed some of the plans we had. Unfortunately, our zine won't have a print issue this year. It does have a life of its own online, and there are ongoing plans to expand on the content and have insightful pieces coming out more regularly.

In some more positive news, a whole decade called for a change, so I recruited my favourite designer to deliver a whole new logo, which coincided with our website's fresh look.

Thank you to the always brilliant Ieva Berzina for giving Juicy a new look.

The Juice Show 06 - Now in Colour 24 August 2020

New episode of our music show is up on Mixcloud. Around the world in nine songs of all sorts of genres.

Listen below and if you like what you hear check out the New Music weekly posts on the online zine.

New Heka song! 30 July 2020

Not one to reminisce over past laurels, heka is back with a new song after last year's other drugs EP.

The song is a conceptual juxtaposition of ideas and subversive elements, as the artist herself puts it:

"(...) the structure is composed of two separate threads running parallel, like a stream of consciousness on two tracks, oscillating between a relentless and seemingly nonsensical list of facts about giant sequoias, and an internal monologue of quiet and exhausted confusion."

"The most conscious explanation I can give of a concept has to do with the effort to mimic the way the mind tries to distract itself from the issues we struggle with, constantly providing us with useless information in order to maintain some form of rational control. In this case, the feelings are trying to push through the noise, and end up, somewhere along the way, blending with this constant stream of information."

"redwoods (a few interesting facts about sequoias)" is available digitally on all digital services. Stream or purchase the song at your service of choice by clicking here.

The Juice Show 05 - A New Life! 24 July 2020

Slow Dance stopping their online radio made us rethink our own show.

Started as an extension on the new music posts I write weekly on the online zine, the motivation to carry on with the audio format and talk about more songs and artists that don't get covered on the written articles is stronger than ever. However, but producing, recording, editing and mixing takes time, so things are now moving to a monthly schedule and uploaded on the last week of the month to Mixcloud.

Here's the new July episode:

The Juice Show 03 5 June 2020

Latest episode of our radio show is now up on Mixcloud. It's a fresh blend of all genres of music!

The Juice Show 02 22 May 2020

New episode of the radio show up on Mixcloud. Featuring music from all sorts of genres and parts of the world. Listen below.

The Juice Show 01 7 May 2020

Building up on the weekly new music write-ups over at The Juice online, we're now doing a new radio show hosted by Slow Dance Radio. Check out it below and give us a follow on Mixcloud if you're a user!

The Juice #07 Launch 28 October 2019

A fanzine is inevitably personal. Not only the contents and ideas in it but the events in your life that inform how you put it together.

As our zine matures and our editorial team becomes more international and intersectional, we felt the need for the content to touch base with where we are in life as people and as zinesters.

The Juice #07 is released only weeks after a 10-month journey that took us way out of our comfort zones. Creating a publication while living in a different continent made us feel like aliens at times, but most of all brought us the realisation that a zine is a manifestation of what makes us tick. It’s a universe composed of the worlds that each person who collaborates with us carries within.

Number seven is our earnest effort to document those worlds.

To bring them to you, we’re launching our new zine with a two-day event jam-packed with activities:

Wednesday 27th

We kick things off with the opening of Other Worlds - an illustration group show where nine artists display their widely diverse interpretations of our zine’s theme, featuring:

Aleesha Nandhra
Cici Suen
Elisabetta Calabritto
Ieva Berzina
Naiting Huang
Nix Ren
Omar-Andres Hernandez
Samuel B. Thorne
xMx Luo

Thursday 28th

For the second day, we’ve put together an affordable zine editorial workshop - an afternoon crash course in modern zine-making and its tools of the trade - and an eclectic evening of live music with three talented acts that have released some of this year's best projects:

Karma Sheen
Ravi Amruth

Evening events are free entry. Make sure to RSVP to get £1 off the zine final price during the event.