New Heka song! 30 July 2020

Not one to reminisce over past laurels, heka is back with a new song after last year's other drugs EP.

The song is a conceptual juxtaposition of ideas and subversive elements, as the artist herself puts it:

"(...) the structure is composed of two separate threads running parallel, like a stream of consciousness on two tracks, oscillating between a relentless and seemingly nonsensical list of facts about giant sequoias, and an internal monologue of quiet and exhausted confusion."

"The most conscious explanation I can give of a concept has to do with the effort to mimic the way the mind tries to distract itself from the issues we struggle with, constantly providing us with useless information in order to maintain some form of rational control. In this case, the feelings are trying to push through the noise, and end up, somewhere along the way, blending with this constant stream of information."

"redwoods (a few interesting facts about sequoias)" is available digitally on all digital services. Stream or purchase the song at your service of choice by clicking here.