10 Years of Juicy 1 September 2020

Juicy 2020 new logo thank you

Juicy is 10 this year. Ten years of a small DIY project that introduced me to some of the coolest creatives around. I started the label to release music from my friends and made so many new friends along the way, couldn't be more grateful about it.

The absolute disaster that 2020 has turned out to be definitely changed some of the plans we had. Unfortunately, our zine won't have a print issue this year. It does have a life of its own online, and there are ongoing plans to expand on the content and have insightful pieces coming out more regularly.

In some more positive news, a whole decade called for a change, so I recruited my favourite designer to deliver a whole new logo, which coincided with our website's fresh look.

Thank you to the always brilliant Ieva Berzina for giving Juicy a new look.