London Fanzine Stockists 28 December 2015

We're stoked to announce that we now have issue #03 of The JUICE Fanzine available in two spots in London:

Charlotte Street News, next to Goodge Street Station. They stock pretty much every relevant magazine on Earth and are our go-to place to check out new publications whenever we're around. They have a very organized webstore.

ICA Bookshop, right next to Trafalgar Square. The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a reference for us (76's Prostitution exhibition - know your punk history) so it's really cool of them to agree to stock our zine in their Bookshop.

So if you live in London and online shopping is not really your thing, now you have 2 places right in Central London. We're working on having more stockists, hopefully in other parts of Europe too, maybe other continents too. If you know any local store supportive of DIY culture and small press in your area, get in touch.

A Thank You Note 22 November 2015

Friday the 20th of November 2015 was a memorable day for us. It was our first ever event in London, our biggest one to date, to celebrate our new fanzine, the third issue of a project which has gained a life of its own, even redirecting part of the energy of Juicy towards publishing, a thing we would never have considered five years ago.

Our THE JUICE #03 Release Party exceeded our best expectations. More than the attendance numbers being overwhelmingly positive or the fact that we already sold a good chunk of stock, what made the difference was the positivity, the smiles, the conversations, the many familiar faces and the new faces that came to meet us and our fanzine for the first time.

On Friday we truly felt that the hard work paid off and that we managed to bring something important to life together with a big group of like-minded people that still care about DIY and self-expression. Thank you for sharing your time with us, means the world.

And none of this would be possible without a few people that need to be highlighted because of their direct contribute:

Fúria, for the painting, the prints, and the overall support.

Mike, for agreeing to be part of this very last minute, the photos and even the ice.

Joana, for coming all the way from Liverpool to peel and cut veggies.

Laura, for helping with the car and being the nicest person.

Elena for arranging things with FA and delivering the playlist on time.

Jimmy for the video and being crazy enough to do it. 

Lukasz, the hummus god and provider of unexpected but most appreciated catering.

Fábio & Emilia for the record, hooking us up with Lukasz and the brownies.

Lisa, for being patient about the interview and doing the photo-reporting of the night.

Anete, for the prints and the laptop.

Manu, for the go-pro we didn't use (lol), and for turning up too late but with a genuine intent.

Deborah and Stokey's Food Assembly for the wonderful fruit and veggies.

Ken and Doomed Gallery.

Ieva, for everything basically. Without her this event would not have been a success.

Photo shamelessly stolen from Alex Roze's Instagram

THE JUICE Fanzine #03 2 November 2015

As usual, took us a while to put it together, but it's finally here.

On this new issue we want to shake things up a bit and start some debates, so expect thought-provoking articles focusing on gender identity, featuring writing on the resurgence of the Riot Grrrl movement and the LGBT groups within punk-hardcore. But we're still keeping some travelling adventure to feed your wanderlust, world music exploration and plenty of graphic art and vegan cooking to delight your eyes.

We talk about being gay in the punk-hardcore community and the challenges that feminism faces from a riot grrrls point of view. We go to Nepal to trek the Himalayas, to Cape Verde to track down the influences that originate some of the most prolific roots music circulating around Europe, while also going back to another island: Iceland, a love affair from our previous issue that we now get to expose in its full glory via pictures from a summer round trip. We leave space for opinion and creative writing about how to see past the walls of routine and time constrains, while also questioning the behind-the-scenes of the so called "independent music".
Keeping music in the limelight, we interview bands like Iron, Swain and Karma Sheen, give you some playlist recommendations and ideas on how to turn serious tunes into a reason to get friends together around...a couch?

There's also art with Ash Santos from Vigo, Spain, showcasing his work and an in-depth interview with Fúria ACK, an up and coming street artist and illustrator who has been taking over East London's walls and slowly breaking through the world of art galleries and commissioned work. 

And yes, of course there's a release party.

Come and hangout with us on the release event on Friday the 20th of November from 6pm at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston. See a live painting performance by Fúria, a photo and illustration exhibition from artists also featured in the zine, video projections, music, free fruit juice and vegan treats (provided by the lovely people from the Stoke Newington Food Assembly) and of course it’s your chance to get your hands on a fresh copy of The Juice #03!

Pre-order the Fanzine here  - there's an option to collect at the party free of charge.

Here's the Party's Facebook event page.

JUICY x Infected Recs Partnership 16 September 2015

After years of collaboration and the recent success at the European HC Pool Party 2015, we're really excited to announce a full-on partnership with Infected Records, who are going to carry out our Distro and handle our Portuguese shipping from now on.
This is good news if you happen to live in Portugal or anywhere in Europe, as shipping will be slightly cheaper. For anyone in the UK, prices are pretty much the same with currency exchange, but still keep in mind we have stock in London, both Juicy releases and some of the most recent additions to the Distro.

This also means that if you're interested in stuff from both labels, you can now email Infected (or us) and ask for a combined order, again saving on shipping. 

Our undying love and endless thank you to João at Infected's HQ for helping us out.

JUICY at European Hardcore Pool Party 2015 10 September 2015

Some of the best European hardcore bands, good summer weather and a pool? Who can say no to that?
Our friends at European Hardcore Pool Party invited us to have a little stall space in this year's edition. If you're gonna be around for the massive party this weekend, make sure to check out our Distro box with most of the stuff we have listed online alongside Juicy's own releases. We'll be within the Infected Records stall, as João - who's an absolute legend, by the way; massive thank you to him - is gonna be handling things for us.

Perfect way to end this Summer.

Here's the Facebook event. Have a look at our Distro, if you fancy something bring cash in advance. 

JUICY PODCAST #07 22 June 2015

Took us a while – over a year, to be precise - but we’re back on podcast activities.

For this PODCAST #07 I invited my good friend Miguel from Pontiaq to talk about travel inspired music with a vibe of a country very dear to us: Iceland.

Two friends talking about music, sharing opinions, stories, laughs. It’s a bit of a long one, hope you stick through it.

New record from SBTHEMOOR 25 March 2015

After a short hiatus, Signor Benedick is back with a new release. This kid is unstoppable.
Follow up to the acclaimed Opus 3, that you can still get on 
our webstore, the new album Garage Raps Vol.1 is out now and exposes yet another style of The Moor, arguably a bit more punk and grungy.

Alongside the track on bandcamp, he also released another track through a music video that you can watch below:

The new album is out digitally via his bandcamp or, if you prefer to go physical, through J&C Tapes.

SBTMoor also going on the road with True Neutral Crew across US in May/June.

Here's the dates for the Doctors Tour 2015 as of today:

Thurs 28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Trunkspace
Fri 29 - Albuquerque, NM @ TBA
Sat 30 - Denver, CO @ Goldrush Event at TBA
Sun 31 - Wichita, KS @ TBA

Mon 1 - Kansas City, MO @ TBA
Tue 2 - Chicago, IL @ TBA
Wed 3 - Cincinnati, OH @ Cide Cent
Thurs 4 - ???
Fri 5 - NYC, NY @ TBA
Sat 6 - NYC, NY @ TBA
NYC -> LA - ???

If you want SBTheMoor and True Neutral to play your town or you think you can help out in any way from booking a show to passing out flyers, get in touch:

JUICY at London's DIY Cultures Fest 2015 24 March 2015

The first round of exhibitors for the annual day-long DIY Cultures Zine Fair has been announced and we are very excited and proud to be among these fine DIYers and zine makers as a part of this year’s edition.

It will be our first time participating as an exhibitor so we're siked about it.

Taking place at East London’s independent arts venue Rich Mix on Sunday 24th May, DIY Cultures Zine Fair is a festival of zines, artist books, comics, artist-run spaces, talks, films, animation, video art, exhibition, workshops, all in ‘the spirit of independence, autonomy and alternatives.’ 

We'll be doing promotional prices and maybe even have a few surprised specially done for the day. Come and show your support for great DIY art and grab a copy of our fanzines.

Facebook event -

Twitter: @DIYCulturesFair


NEW Records on the Distro 9 February 2015

We got a few new records on the Distro. Quantities very limited. Check entire list here.

BLACKLISTED "When People Grow, People Go" 12" LP

ANGEL DU$T "A.D." 12" LP

COLD WORLD "How The Gods Chill" 12" LP


PUNCH "They Don't Have To Believe" 12" LP

CITIZEN "Youth" 12" LP

TOUCHE AMORE "Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol 2" 7" EP

MINDSET "Leave No Doubt" 12" LP


To order just send us an email and we'll sort it out for you. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer (PT/UK) or credit card.

Opus 3 - Man Atop The Tower 24 November 2014

On his last night in NY, me and Christian (that’s sbthemoor's real name, FYI) sat in a pizza joint in Brooklyn and talked about the future. 

I told him I was confident and positive but also afraid, as this new vinyl was Juicy’s biggest investment ever, and if things went really bad it could compromise everything for us. Christian was understanding but had an uncompromised look on his face. That look, that genuine rock solid self-belief, gave me the final push I needed to make this record happen. 
After all, working with art, especially music, is about long shots, extra miles, and believing in the quality of what you are putting out. 

 Almost six months later, the record is out, and I have cuts on my lips from biting sellotape to seal pre-order packages. Opus 3 – Man Atop the Tower was our most pre-ordered release ever, the snippet we put on Soundcloud reached 1000+ plays, and things are looking good. 

Huge THANK YOU to the people from US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, Brazil and Portugal that put their trust (and money) in us, and all the other cool people who in the meantime have put down an order too. We love you and we hope you'll love the record as much as we do. 

BUT there’s still a long way to go, and we really wanna sell the shit out of this 1st press, so this email is also a call for help. Tell about Benedick’s music to your friends, share the links on your social media, write about it on your blog, make a giant banner and hire a plane to go around your city…
We’re a strictly and ethically independent DIY label, we don’t have press and PR teams, we don’t have distribution deals. We rely on people like us - music fans - who truly care and support the artists they love.
 If you have friends who run music websites/magazines, tell them to get in touch and we’ll hook them up with a digital/physical promo for review.

And here's the full stream of the album, we figured it was about time:


JR #09 PRE-ORDER CARDS 13 November 2014

What do you do when your new record is not done in time for the artist's tour? You innovate.

So we came up with these pre-order cards, which you can buy on the gigs, directly from the man himself, with a customized code that he'll write down for you on the spot. That code, once entered on the checkout of our webstore, reduces your payment to zero (cause you already paid, duh!) and your record ships along the rest of the pre-orders.

Simple ideas, that's what we're about. Signor Benedick The Moor is currently touring the West Coast, more details on dates here.

JR #09: SIGNOR BENEDICK THE MOOR - Opus 3 - A Man Atop the Tower 12" LP 1 October 2014

A timeless story that has never been told, an exploration of intricate emotional depths in characters that will stay with you long after listening.
Signor Benedick The Moor delivers his most immersive and compelling work to date, in this new 12” LP that ventures into a new universe beyond his critically acclaimed debut album El Negro but still as charismatic and genre-breaking as ever.

With the artist delivering production, rhymes and artwork into a single conceptual piece - with a little help from Jonathan Snipes (of clipping. fame) and Thomas Dimuzio on mixing and mastering respectively – this is Benedick’s great opera in form of a record, a mature third opus in a very recent but already impressive body of work that yet stands out on its own and shows an evolution in songwriting and production style.

Call if fringe rap, punk rap, left field, experimental madness…Signor Benedick The Moor is a force to be reckoned with, sonically groundbreaking, acting without aesthetical constrainers.

Celebrating Juicy Records’ return to vinyl releases, we proudly present our most detailed record to date: a 140g vinyl record in “frosted” clear colour, complete with original artwork on both outside jacket cover and inner sleeve. Detailed lyrics insert sheet and digital download card included inside.


Here's a video interview shot in a nice but windy rooftop in New York back in June, where Benny finally took time to answer questions sent by fans and talk about the new record. Thanks to Robert for being such a cool guy with the such a beautiful dog.

Benedick is Benny is also becoming a non-stop live machine with a November West Coast Tour lined up, here's all his upcoming live dates:

5th October at The Smell in LA with:
clipping., Divtech, Evolve, Decide Today, I.E., Gang Wizard
11th October at Tribal Café in LA with:
Meta Mantra (from Portland), Safari Al
18th October at Superchief Gallery in LA:
as part of True Neutral Crew

West Coast Tour
Nov 5th in Tucson TBA
Nov 6th in Phoenix TBA
Nov 8th at The Lunchroom in Anaheim
Nov 9th at Onefam in Oakland
Nov 10th in San Francisco TBA
Nov 12th at Bat Cave (House Show) In Arcata
Nov 14th in Seattle TBA
Nov 16th at The Know in Portland
Nov 17th at The Basement (House Show) in Chico
Nov 19th in Sacramento TBA

Get in touch if you can help with the TBA dates.