Juicy display stand, 2011

Juicy Records is not just record label. Established in 2010, our goal has always been to be a platform for projects that carry both a vision and a message. More than genres or aesthetics, we care about the people and the possibilities.


Quality is the only constant, quantity the only variable.

DIY. We come from punk, and we keep that attitude in everything we do.

Challenge the paradigms. Juicy is a foundation, a tool and a vehicle for creatives that want to go against the grain.

Community. We value collaboration, exchange of ideas, people helping people, building something together.

We don’t believe in borders. Art, culture and creation should have no horizons delimited by imaginary lines.

Juicy is 100% against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and any groups or elites that perpetuate exclusion, discrimination, look down on difference or label people.

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