Music can be split, squeezed to its last drop, mixed with all kinds of elements. Just like an orange. Both music and orange carry a legacy within them, leave a mark, and can be explored, reinvented and reused.

Juicy Records began to leave its mark in 2010. Not to reinvent, nor to divide in worthless categories of genres and aesthetics, but to serve as a platform for projects that transport contents through music. Music with content is music that transmits something. Values, messages, emotions, stories…all of these have been brought to us over many years by music, and now it’s time to gather some friends and give something back.


We want to do more than average, more than mediocre. We will try to make quality the only constant and quantity the only variable.

We want to show that people still like to help people, that the word "community" is not a myth from the past, that what is made from equal to equal has a special and recognized value.

We want to create, contribute to a culture with no blinders nor horizons that end in borders.

We want to reuse formats, show alternative in forgotten things, challenge paradigms and reaffirm values that are not lost.

We want to support people who want to make different, who want to bring a positive contribute, who exchange the empty 15 minutes of fame for something well done in anonymity. We will be a foundation, a tool and a vehicle for projects in which we believe in.

We do not want to please everyone, to create groups or elites or to perpetuate exclusion, discrimination, or look down on difference or label people.

More than words, our actions and projects will speak for us.