THE JUICE Fanzine #01 Fanzine


Issue #01 of the brand new The Juice Fanzine.

A fanzine about music, arts, travel and everything in between. Emphasising on Do It Yourself and underground culture, our aim is to get to know projects and people that do creative and challenging things outside the mass-media spectrum.
We provide intimate articles and real-talk interviews, exploring subjectivity and what makes every project and person different in their own way and interesting to know about.

It's a 8.5"x11" (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) magazine, 62 pages, with coloured cover and black & white interior.

With every copy you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for our upcoming release, the new Thunder Tiger “Spares & Bitters” EP.

This first issue contains:

Interviews with:
No Borders DIY Bookings
Anna Balecho
Hell Xis Records
A Thousand Words

Travel Report:
Hitchhiking between Light and Darkness in Turkey

Artist Profiles and work showcase by:
Kruella D'Enfer

Opinion Articles by:
Filipe Severo
Ricardo Dias from For The Glory

"My First Record" by Nós Contra Eles Blog
Records, Gigs, Exhibitions and Film Reviews
“BEST OF 2012” Playlist and Top 15

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