The Juice Fanzine #06 All


The Juice is Juicy Records annual fanzine, a collaborative effort where we bring our community to life, giving a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their work and for anyone who doesn’t see their voice represented in mainstream media to express opinions. We have an egalitarian approach to our editorial team and strive to have diversity represented not only by contents but by contributors.

“Growth” is the theme for issue 06 so we pushed ourselves out of our editorial comfort zone, reaching out to new people, some of them from communities who we felt may have been outside the scope of our previous zines.

We got a political organiser demystifying this year’s biggest scandal next to an opinion piece from trans rapper. We interview an Indian-American changing the punk-hardcore scene one video at a time and then cross the Atlantic to talk to a Grrrl who took the London zine community by storm. There’s new female talent in Arabic/Middle Eastern photography and unseen work from renowned Portuguese artists. Travel stories from a Latvian girl deep in the valleys of Tajikistan, an exposé on the greedy tricks of the food industry and much more.

Pressing Information

A4 magazine, 88 pages, printed in full colour (including contents, for the first time). This issue is completely in English language.

First press: 100 copies.

Shipped from November 9th. Launch event 9 & 10th November at 5th Base Gallery in London. More info here