The Juice Fanzine #07 All


As our zine matures and our editorial team becomes more international and intersectional, we felt the need for the content to touch base with where we are in life as people and as zinesters.

The Juice #07 is released only weeks after a 10-month journey that took us way out of our comfort zones. Creating a publication while living in a different continent made us feel like aliens at times, but most of all brought us the realisation that a zine is a manifestation of what makes us tick. It’s a universe composed of the worlds that each person who collaborates with us carries within.

Number seven is our earnest effort to document those worlds.

We talk about how activism informs the streetwear fashion of HYPEPEACE and how the commitment to a passion can reshape your whole life, be it professional wrestling or foraging.

We ask Brent Eyestone why he decided to put a full stop to his record label after twenty years, what he learned from it and how he navigates the harsh reality of the music industry as a Dark Operative.

Moreover, our zine universe is made of women questioning the world around them and sharing their stories and opinions. Whether it is technology’s growing control over human relations, the pledge to empathise with people with whom one may not see eye to eye or the decision to challenge preconceptions and literally walk into potential danger.

Pressing Information

A4 magazine, 112 pages, printed in full colour. This issue is in English language.

First press: 100 copies.