THE JUICE Fanzine #03 Fanzine


The Juice is a limited edition fanzine about music, art, travel, alternative lifestyles and everything in between, emphasizing on Do It Yourself, underground cultures, creative projects and open-minded thinking.

The new issue #3 focuses on gender identity, featuring articles on the resurgence of the Riot Grrrl movement and the LGBT groups within punk-hardcore, while keeping some travelling adventure to feed your wanderlust, world music exploration and plenty of graphic art to delight your eyes.

Punk, Hardcore and Gay
On the Roof of the World: Trekking Through Himalayan Villages
The Illusion of Time
Swain: Changes and Madness
Cape Verde: Island Tunes Abroad
Artist Profile: Ash Santos
Girls to the Front: Riot Renaissance and Relevance
Music Knights
10 For 10: Karma Sheen
Does “Indie” Still Stand for Independent?
Furia ACK
Punk Kitty
Cruelty Free Food
Photo Report: Iceland
The Playlist

It's a 8.5"x11" (21.6cm x 27.9cm) magazine, 54 pages, with coloured cover and black & white interior. This issue is completely in English language.

Pressing Information

First press: 100 copies