The JUICE Fanzine #04 All


The Juice is a limited edition fanzine about music, art, travel, alternative lifestyles and everything in between, emphasizing on Do It Yourself, underground cultures, creative projects and open-minded thinking.

Issue #04 is all about connectivity and exploration: joining people together, working out new and old links, tracing those cosmic dots that were always there to begin with and using them to navigate the unbeaten paths of this world. We shook things up a bit, trying different angles on the main topics we cover and also expressing our values not only through our team but also through the artists and projects we selected to feature and showcase.

Cosmonaut Life: A Journey Between Bangkok and Penafiel
Tripping Through Western Slovakia
Nobody Said it was Going to be Easy
Artist Profile: Héctor Ventura
6000 Years of Judgement
Small Letters: A Book with a Life of Its Own
Travelling and Social Media: When to Keep your Phone Away
Wasted Rita: The Art of Not Belonging
Reflections over Relativism
Photo Report: London, The City & The People
The Playlist

It's a 21x28 cm magazine, 64 pages, with coloured cover and black & white interior. This issue is completely in English language.

Pressing Information

First press: 100 copies