The JUICE Fanzine #05 All


For the fifth issue, we aimed to be part of the ongoing dialogue about mental health in the fanzine community, or at the very least give a platform for people to talk about their experience, to express themselves within our pages.

So we made a call for submissions while also making a conscious effort to collaborate with new editors, emphasising on people who have never been published on a fanzine.

Other than that, we’re still about music related articles, travel reports and having conversations with people who are in charge of challenging projects and not afraid to step out of the norm, all of this keeping a gender equality balance in our editorial team and choosing to speak on social and cultural topics that we feel relevant from our communal experiences as people and as zinesters.

18 Months Living with a Racist
Neem Time and Singing Fish Diet
A Death Grips Love Letter
Artist Profile: Jaimus Tailor
My Journey with Mental Health
Skrunda, The Forgotten City
Adam DeGross: Documenting Icons
Special Feature: Project Upcoming Presents
Défi Collective: Wheels of Defiance
3 Months Feeling India
The Playlist

Pressing Information

It's an A4 magazine, 90 pages, with laminated coloured cover and black & white interior. This issue is completely in English language.
First press: 100 copies.