THE JUICE Fanzine #02 Fanzine


Still a fanzine about music, arts, travels and everything in between. Emphasising on Do It Yourself, underground culture and open minded thinking, with this Issue #02 we take you on a journey around a variety of projects, people and events heart-warmingly curated to highlight different and sometimes lesser known parts of the world.

The Juice #02 contains:

Iceland Scene Report, through the eyes of Muck, one of the very few hardcore bands in the country.
Around the World in 35 Movies
Interview with David Cabrita from Ementa Skateboarding
Article: My First Hardcore Show
Artist Profile: Michael Ribeiro
Alex D'Alva Teixeira talking about his first vinyl
Interview with João Retorta focusing on his photographic work and his time in Brazil working with Vhils.
Interview with For The Glory
Article: Úlfur Alexander Einarsson – A Wolf in Hardcore’s Clothing
Trip Reports:
- Tracking Classics Between Italy and France
- Fluff Fest and Other European (Mis)Adventures

Photo Report: Lisbon Motelx
Vegan Cooking - Cruelty Free Flavours
+ Reviews and Playlist

It's a 8.5"x11" (21.6cm x 27.9cm) magazine, 78 pages, with coloured cover and black & white interior. This issue is completely in English language.

Pressing Information

130 copies / Digital version in HD PDF file.