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We just finished our brand new newsletter! Some of you will receive a free paper copy directly on your home address, result of having made a mail order directly with us in the past, but we also have an online version for everyone to check out! Have a look at the embedded link below, and share it!

Posted on November 2nd, 2011


Death is a binding creature, reminder of what we all have in common.”


Life is a finite line, with moments of light and darkness, of doubt over our choices and certainty about a destination that is constant for all beings.

The choice was made: joining two bands with distinct sonorities on the same theme, the same record, where the duality is vanished on creativity and the binding role is relayed on the music and the concept of the release. And if any doubts remained, the result now comes in vinyl 7” format, with Utopium, promising grindcore band who’s been moving mountains national and internationally, bringing two new tracks and a cover (RIP Kevin Mahoney) for this edition, and Lifedeceiver, bastard children of the blackest hardcore you can find in Portuguese land, finally sharing with the world 3 tracks that have been causing damage in their visceral live sets.

With this split 7”, Juicy ultimately reveals the breadth and diversity of its releases and embraces its dark side for the first time. Emulating the ideological matrix of this record, we’re also collaborating with a label from a different scene in this release, Escaravelho Records, once again with the conviction to unite the underground music and break false barriers and stereotypes.

We will have 40 discs in cream colour, exclusive to Juicy Records.


Posted on October 25th, 2011

distro backYes, we have new records, and from new labels also. Besides brand new releases from Deathwish (some first presses too), we also brought relevant stuff from other labels this time.

So please check our JUICY DISTRO and see if there's something you like there. We are now shipping from the UK, since our brother and Portugal's very own shipping handler PZ is going to Palestine for a few months (all the best to him), but we do promise to keep the shipping cost to the very minimum, and no raises in the overall prices of the records.
If you like the sound, buy the record. It supports not only Juicy but the bands, and their original record labels who put in the effort and serious amounts of money into creating an everlasting object that traps moments and feelings.

Posted on September 26th, 2011


A month ago, there was a Northern presentation for our 5th release, the book from Nuno Sousa.
Things were expected to be a bit more organized, more formal maybe...but what no one expected, not even Nuno himself, was to have dozens and dozens of people turning up for our small event.

Was this the final chapter to the adventure, where the boy returns to his childhood village and celebrates amongst his friends and family? Maybe so, maybe not. What we know for sure was that this was a night to remember close to the heart. If the first presentation was cosy and familiar, this later one had nothing to owe in those aspects, and that's just how it was meant to be.

To everyone that turned up, thank you. To everyone that bought the book, whose first edition is now sold-out, thank you. Here are some photos from this evening:





Posted on September 26th, 2011

Porque não há uma sem duas, e porque afinal de contas o autor do livro é um homem do Norte, no próximo dia 29, já esta Sexta-Feira, o Nuno apresenta o seu livro no Anfiteatro do Museu Municipal de Penafiel. Esta será uma apresentação mais cuidada do que a do passado mês de Junho, mas não se deixem enganar pela pompa e circunstância, muda o local mas mantém-se o mesmo clima de amigos e de informalidade. Mais uma vez convidamos toda a gente a estar presente, sejam amigos, conhecidos, gente da terra ou apenas de passagem.

E porque falamos de um evento no Norte, é claro que há festa a acompanhar. Pelas 23 horas, logo a seguir à apresentação, irá haver festa no EP Estúdio Café, com sonoridades a cargo de Frank Nefasto e John Anticorpos, e com a exposição fotográfica da viagem do Nuno em exibição.

Lembramos ainda que esta será uma das últimas oportunidades de conseguir uma das cópias de primeira edição do livro "Um Delicado Sentido de Equilíbrio", sendo que comprando ao Nuno ainda levam dedicatória se quiserem! Nós em Lisboa (mais especificamente Almada) já só temos mesmo um par de cópias, portanto quem ainda anda a dormir entre em contacto!

Comprar o livro através da loja online

Evento no Facebook

Posted on July 27th, 2011