Posted on August 19th, 2012

JUICY x NERVOS Mixtape by Juicy Records on Mixcloud

For our second mixtape we reached out to the team of Nervos, an online project with a fresh concept that has been giving insight to some of the best Portuguese bands around.

So they kept loyal to their concept and presented us with a great showcase of talent coming from Europe's last piece of land before the Atlantic.

Here's their words:


A nossa mixtape conta só com artistas portugueses. Já que nos dedicamos a eles, não fazia sentido ser de outra forma. 
Pode ser a mixtape mais esquizofrénica, mas fazia parte do nosso objectivo quando aceitámos o convite para a fazer: não ligar a estilos ou géneros musicais, escolher músicas de que gostamos, de bandas em que acreditamos e que merecem ser divulgadas.


Our mixtape counts only with portuguese artists. It wouldn't make sense any other way, since we are dedicated to them.
Maybe it is the most schizophrenic mixtape, but that was part of our objective when we accepted the invitation to make it: disregard musical styles or genres, choosing songs that we like, from bands in who we believe in and that deserve to be divulged.  

Thanks to Nervos and Raquel for accepting our challenge and for bringing some of Portugal's finest tunes to our attention. More Summer goodies to come soon.

JUICY x RODA LIVRE Summer Mixtape

Posted on August 2nd, 2012

Keeping the collaborative mentality expressed in previous projects, we bring you a new mixtape series, this one with a summer taste.

We invited our friend Nuno from Roda Livre to make a selection of tracks suited for a hot bike ride in the city. 

His choices were diverse and reflected not only his background but the cycling attitude of his newly founded company.

Read below for Roda Livre's concept for the mixtape (in Portuguese only, for now):

"Aqui está o pretexto perfeito para pedalar na companhia da nossa melhor bicicleta, seja ela fixed gear, clássica, de corrida ou até mesmo uma chopper, pouco importa. O mais importante é ouvir a mixtape enquanto se dá um passeio pela marginal de bicicleta e se aproveita para ver as meninas giras a passarem de patins em linha e de bikini...(era bom, mas isto ainda não é Miami). 

É música relaxada e fácil de ouvir mas sem nunca tirar a qualidade à mesma. Não quisemos optar apenas por um estilo, mas também não fazer uma grande salada de frutas. As nossas escolhas foram baseadas em tardes em que temos céu azul e uns óculos de sol novos a estrear. 

As músicas são variadas, em todas elas vemos o Verão, contudo cada uma delas tem o seu próprio sol/pôr-do-sol. Temos pedalada para todos os gostos.

Dá para fazer uns S’s com o tema de abertura, "No Answers" do Theophilus London, passando por "Millionaire" da respeitada Kelis featuring Andre 3000 em que a batida sugere um ritmo um pouco mais acelarado, sem dúvida uma malha para mandar estilo em cima da bicicleta. Não esquecemos aqueles que gostam de velocidade com médias elevadas, falamos de "Build" dos Savanna, que nos leva a descidas e a subidas constantes.

Esperamos com esta compilação despertar a vontade de pedala a bicicleta que está na garagem com pouco uso. Ela vai agradecer e o ambiente também.

Roda Livre para além de ser um serviço de Estafetas em Bicicleta para empresas/negócios e particulares é uma forma de vida, com esta compilação fica a prova cada vez mais disso."


Posted on June 2nd, 2012

800 Facebook likes

It's really cool to check the Facebook page and see such a round number. When we started this project, we did it with big thoughts on our heads, but not with numbers like this in mind.
It may only be a number on an internet thing, but it means the world to us to know that so many people got to know us and wanted to show support in such a simple way.

And to thank all of you, we decided to put out some discounts, for starters. There are 2 types of discounts running:


Enter " ONEOFTHE800 " at the checkout, and get 30% off the total amount of your order (discount doesn't apply to shipping costs).


All vinyl is on discount. 7" will be sold at 5€/4£ and 12" will have final price of 10€/9£ (again discount doesn't apply to shipping and neither to double LP/7" releases, but you can email me about those ones too and I will take something off).



Posted on April 18th, 2012


New and very special arrival on our Distro, the 12" LP from I Am A Curse, titled "Prequel for an unforgiving wreckage: Barren Lands".
Why are we excited about this record? Not only I Am A Curse are one of the tightest and most coherent hard-working bands in Europe at the moment, but this specific release is just candy to the eye.

Black&heavy cardboard material that feels rough to the touch? Check.
DIY multi-layer silkscreening for all the artwork? Check.
Different images on the insert card for each record? Check.

Such beautiful details added to the concept of the music/lyrics really caught our attention and so therefore we have a few records available for anyone interested. They will be in the UK until the Summer, after that moved to the Portuguese HQ where all the Distro stock is at the moment.


Check out their music below (it's free for download from their website):


JR #07: THUNDER TIGER – Parts & Spares 12” LP

Posted on March 20th, 2012

thunder tiger cover


Thunder Tiger is an acoustic record of stories lost among technical failures, two countries and two homes. It’s also an escape and an attempt to create something real, share ideas, traits or words, and record them on a piece of vinyl.
"Parts & Spares" is located between Almada and Brooklyn, in an abstract limbo which has been transforming itself during nearly a year after these songs were recorded. The intention is simple - trying to make something, achieve a goal and end up with something tangible in our hands. It's an album dedicated to friends and important people, but also intended to be shared.

Thunder Tiger is Bráulio Amado, frontman of Adorno and No Good Reason, and "Parts & Spares" his debut solo album, adding to the series of artistic objects he has been producing over the years. It’s an intimate, honest and real record. You can feel the punk spirit in each chord played free of technical perfectionisms; feel the thrill in every word.
Juicy, also divided between two countries (Portugal and the UK), and long time fan of Bráulio’s creativity and commitment, joins this edition with a special sense of belonging. We proudly present our 7th release, first of 2012 and first 12" LP in our discography.
Limited to 150 copies, 9 songs and artwork printed in silkscreen and risography, with original art from Bráulio himself (check his work at www.braul.io) . This release is shared between Juicy, Infected Records and Sleep City.

Juicy Records will have 40 records with an exclusive cover (image and paper colour).

Price: 10E. Release date: 1st of April 2012 PRE-ORDER NOW