Posted on February 28th, 2012


Episode 02 finally out, severally delayed because of technical problems but here it is!
In this number two we have actually 4 collaborators: a feminine voice for a short intro, a partner on the playlist choices, a personalized selection in the rubric "Music With Content" and a very talented friend who allowed us to use this beautiful image for the cover.
Not ruining the surprises, we can let you know that the collaborator in the choice of songs was Gonçalo, who made a very suis generis thematic selection, and the author who kindly provided the photo for the cover was Rui Gaiola.


Posted on February 28th, 2012

"These are histories, not songs...because I don't know how to make songs alone."

Our 7th release is almost ready. We've been keeping things a bit secret up until now, but since production is almost finished, we are very excited to announce that our first 12" will be Thunder Tiger's "Parts & Spares".

Who is Thunder Tiger? Soon to be revealed. For now check the promo video above, and be aware that this record will be our second collaborative edition with Infected Records DIY, and it also be available through SleepCity. Oh and it will be limited to 150 copies.


Posted on February 6th, 2012

fitacola photo

New Year, new bands. But not only.

We are proud and pleased to welcome the newest addition to our roster, Fitacola, who bring with them a branded sound new to Juicy: punk rock!
How did Fitacola become part of our family? Well mainly due to another new family member, Paulo from Resposta Simples, another band with who we worked back in 2010.

Paulo came to us a couple of months ago, with ideas of getting back to releasing records and making things happen, asking if we would like him to join forces with Juicy, as that is the only logical thing to do if you are a kid who knows by heart the lyrics to "As One" by Warzone.
After the success of our colaboration to release Gaia EP it was unthinkable to say no to Paulo, so therefore we is now the partner in our Editorial! He brought with him his ideas, his musical tastes, and mostly his energy and dedication, and from all these things our collaboration with Fitacola started to develop.

So Juicy will release the next record from Fitacola, in a near future, but for now we want to leave you with their new video, "Sobreviver":


After the success of their last single "Outros Dias", Fitacola are ready to release another video from their second full-length "Caminhos Secretos".
Totally produced and edited by the band itself, "Sobreviver" shows us a darker and rawer side of the band, giving us a harsh perspective on reality, where slashes of pure punk rock are crossed with altered conscience states and confusion from the character, hitting us like a punch in the stomach.

This is the official TEASER for the video, which will be fully released on the end of February on a special show! Stay tuned for more news!


Posted on January 4th, 2012

podcast cover



If you thought that after so many initiatives we could not add the name Juicy to something else, you thought wrong. 
Here it is, the Juicy Podcast. The first of many, we expect, but the truth is that this "first" thing comes with some trials and tribulations, after all we are trying some new ground, never explored before by us. After being announced for November, we finally made it happen just in time for Christmas, and we made just like we wanted it: a collaborative project. 
With this new project we want to communicate music in a different way, creating an alternative to the depersonalized mass media, and also create a new room for dialog about music. Juicy Podcast will aim to be interactive, dynamic, will have very few pre-established rules, will mutate from episode to episode, and will above all be completely open to ideas from whoever wants to join and collaborate. 
But click on the play button or the image above and check it for yourself. Sorry foreign friends, but the main language is Portuguese (but keep posted, cause next episodes we may have international guests).
It is important to mention that in this first episode we had the help of our friend Calisto in choosing the songs, and also another friend, Rafa, in the rubric "Music with Content"



Posted on November 2nd, 2011

We just finished our brand new newsletter! Some of you will receive a free paper copy directly on your home address, result of having made a mail order directly with us in the past, but we also have an online version for everyone to check out! Have a look at the embedded link below, and share it!