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Today we posted our 100th video on the JUICY TV Video Channel. It's from BIRDS IN ROW and was recorded just last Sunday, here in London:

It's been a wild ride this one. When I bought myself a cheap camera and started shooting gigs I did it mainly as a side project to the label, just supporting the music and bands/artists that I love. I would never dream that we would reach video number 100, or that we would have almost 50,000 plays from pretty much every continent on the planet.

My infinite gratitude goes to Fábio who still today is the star of this project and a very talented videographer, to Nuno who helped me in the beginning and is still an active supporter, to Sunny and hate5six for the inspiration and to everyone who ever played or shared one of our videos.

On a side note, we will continue to use Vimeo as our platform for video. Not only Youtube has lousy HD quality on their videos, but they have turned into a mass-media platform that serves consumerism and tries to sell you bullshit at any click, and we do not want to be part of that. Vimeo is the best thing that ever happened to online video sharing. That being said, we have no problems with people downloading our videos and reposting them on youtube or using them for other projects, as long as you give credit where it's due.

We'll keep them coming, slowly but surely.

Posted on December 18th, 2012

YES! A very special podcast, with a very special guest!

Following the "thematic" approach that we've been doing recently, I invited my friend Jonathan to select some tracks from/about London and record a new episode with me, so for the first time we're putting out a podcast in English, which features the collaborator's presence in recording. Basically two guys drinking cider and talking music.

The result is here for you to enjoy. Expect good tunes, laid-back mood and a lot of shit-talking (from my end mainly ahah).

Download the MP3 version here(right click over the link and select "save as...").

Posted on December 10th, 2012

NEW MIXTAPE! We're starting the Autumn series with this one, and our collaborators set the perfect mood to go along with it. Building another bridge with a fresh and creative project, we've invited the stylish people at BLACKTHUNDER  to curate the tracklist. Beware, it is heavy.

Here's what André from BLACKTHUNDER had to say about the Mixtape:

Feita a selecção de faixas, claro que não poderia deixar de incluir nesta mixtape a música que deu origem ao nome da marca em 2008, "Black Thunder" dos Doomriders. De resto, optei por fazer uma selecção de algumas das muitas influências musicais que me rodeiam no dia-a-dia e que directa ou indirectamente têm efeitos no meu trabalho.

After choosing the tracks, I couldn't leave out this mixtape the song that gave origin to the name of the brand in 2008, "Black Thunder" from Doomriders. As for the remaining tracklist, I opted for a selection of some of the many musical influences that daily surround me and that direct or indirectly have an effect in my work.

If you don't fancy online streaming, download the Mixtape on MP3 here.

Check out BLACKTHUNDERS' swag here.

Posted on October 31st, 2012

PODCAST04 by Juicy Records on Mixcloud

New podcast, a thematic one this time around, covering a genre of music we don't really touch that much but has had a deep influence in everything we do, down to the very name of the label.This episode's tracklist was entirely selected by Juicy's very own CEO, so expect a lot of opinions and personal insight on the tracks. It's a long one but stick around to the very end cause it will surely be a fun ride. 

Download the MP3 version here (right click over the link and select "save as...").

Posted on October 10th, 2012

JUICY x NÓS CONTRA ELES Mixtape by Juicy Records on Mixcloud

Last mixtape of the Summer series, this time curated by our dear friends and punk-hardcore lovers from Nós Contra Eles blog. It's a Portuguese blog focused on hardcore, with loads of fresh original content being published each week, so keep an eye out. 

Here's what they had to say about the Mixtape: 

Não é novidade que o Nós Contra Eles é fã da Juicy Records, ou é? 
Foi com um sorriso malandro na cara que nos colámos ao projecto das mixtapes, por acharmos que é uma daquelas coisas eternas: uma música será sempre nova para quem a ouve pela primeira vez e mais certo que isso, só mesmo a certeza de que ninguém nasce ensinado. 

Para além de ser uma boa playlist para tocar a caminho da praia (ou do supermercado), esperamos que seja também o ponto de partida para conhecerem novas bandas. A primeira parte, escolhida pelo André, vai de 1976 a 1983 e foca-se um pouco na origem do punk e nos primórdios do hardcore americano. 
A segunda parte, escolhida pelo Tiago, vai de 2000 a 2012, focando-se mais na cena americana actual desde o começo da última década. Claro que entre 1983 e 2000 se passou muita coisa, mas se dessemos tudo de bandeja, qual é que era a piada? Esperamos que gostem! 

A song will always be new to someone who listens to it for the first time. 
Apart from being a good playlist to stream on your way to the beach (or the supermarket), we hope for it to be a good starting point to getting to know new bands. 
The first half, chosen by André, goes from 1976 to 1983 and focuses a bit on the origins of punk and the beginning of the American hardcore. The second part, chosen by Tiago, goes from 2000 up until 2012, being more directed to the current American scene, from the beginning of the last decade. Of course, between 1983 and 2000 a lot of stuff happened, but where’s the fun if we give you everything on a platter? Hope you like it!

You can also download the MP3 directly from our server here

Posted on September 18th, 2012