Posted on November 13th, 2014

What do you do when your new record is not done in time for the artist's tour? You innovate.

So we came up with these pre-order cards, which you can buy on the gigs, directly from the man himself, with a customized code that he'll write down for you on the spot. That code, once entered on the checkout of our webstore, reduces your payment to zero (cause you already paid, duh!) and your record ships along the rest of the pre-orders.

Simple ideas, that's what we're about. Signor Benedick The Moor is currently touring the West Coast, more details on dates here.

JR #09: SIGNOR BENEDICK THE MOOR - Opus 3 - A Man Atop the Tower 12" LP

Posted on October 1st, 2014

A timeless story that has never been told, an exploration of intricate emotional depths in characters that will stay with you long after listening.
Signor Benedick The Moor delivers his most immersive and compelling work to date, in this new 12” LP that ventures into a new universe beyond his critically acclaimed debut album El Negro but still as charismatic and genre-breaking as ever.

With the artist delivering production, rhymes and artwork into a single conceptual piece - with a little help from Jonathan Snipes (of clipping. fame) and Thomas Dimuzio on mixing and mastering respectively – this is Benedick’s great opera in form of a record, a mature third opus in a very recent but already impressive body of work that yet stands out on its own and shows an evolution in songwriting and production style.

Call if fringe rap, punk rap, left field, experimental madness…Signor Benedick The Moor is a force to be reckoned with, sonically groundbreaking, acting without aesthetical constrainers.

Celebrating Juicy Records’ return to vinyl releases, we proudly present our most detailed record to date: a 140g vinyl record in “frosted” clear colour, complete with original artwork on both outside jacket cover and inner sleeve. Detailed lyrics insert sheet and digital download card included inside.


Here's a video interview shot in a nice but windy rooftop in New York back in June, where Benny finally took time to answer questions sent by fans and talk about the new record. Thanks to Robert for being such a cool guy with the such a beautiful dog.

Benedick is Benny is also becoming a non-stop live machine with a November West Coast Tour lined up, here's all his upcoming live dates:

5th October at The Smell in LA with:
clipping., Divtech, Evolve, Decide Today, I.E., Gang Wizard
11th October at Tribal Café in LA with:
Meta Mantra (from Portland), Safari Al
18th October at Superchief Gallery in LA:
as part of True Neutral Crew

West Coast Tour
Nov 5th in Tucson TBA
Nov 6th in Phoenix TBA
Nov 8th at The Lunchroom in Anaheim
Nov 9th at Onefam in Oakland
Nov 10th in San Francisco TBA
Nov 12th at Bat Cave (House Show) In Arcata
Nov 14th in Seattle TBA
Nov 16th at The Know in Portland
Nov 17th at The Basement (House Show) in Chico
Nov 19th in Sacramento TBA

Get in touch if you can help with the TBA dates.


Posted on July 9th, 2014

Penafiel welcomed us with open arms and we could not have wished for a better event to celebrate the re-edition of Nuno's book.

Thanks to everyone who came to hangout and showed us love. This book was made for all the people who were left without a copy the first time, and it felt good to see that even 3 years later those people didn't give up on us.

You can still order the book here , and bundle pack of book + limited edition t-shirt here .

THE JUICE #02 Release Party

Posted on June 24th, 2014

Last time we did a release party, for Juice's #01, we felt like something was missing: live music.
So this time around we asked our friends at No Borders DIY to help us change things a little bit and add a bit of loudness, in punk fashion, cause despite being all minimal and polished looking, Juicy is still about DIY and we love us some good ol' stage dives.

At the party we'll have THE JUICE Fanzine #02 available alongside the re-edition of Nuno's book and the new arrivals on the Distro, and we'll be doing one time promotional deals too.

Taking the stage, our talented friends:

Last time they played Lisbon (years ago!) a riot was about to start. Show the Northern boys some love.

One of the most prolific punk bands in Portugal. Skate or die.

Old school hardcore with a pinch of sports and animal rights. Say what?

Venue will be FANTASMA at Cais do Sodré, Lisboa. Find it here. ALSO, SHOW WILL START ON TIME. We'll be done by 19:00 the latest, so don't be lazy otherwise you risk missing the first bands.
You can order the Fanzine with no shipping costs and then pick it up at the party by ordering with the option to "Collect @ Release Party" here

Facebook event.

THE JUICE Fanzine #02 - FINALLY!

Posted on June 8th, 2014

Fanzines are somewhat personal projects, that’s what I always loved about them.

As a result, my life got deeply involved in this second issue of the The JUICE. 

Last year I took a break from the trials and tribulations of London and decided to go on a six months trip that took me from Iceland to India. I didn’t plan and research every step of the way, so many times decisions made on the spot would completely reshape my future. It was all depending on me and the people I met along the way.

Some of these people found their way into this new fanzine. I saw in them the passion for music, for creative writing, for film…for the same things that first motivated me to create this project. The JUICE, at the end of the day, is about collaboration. It’s about bonding different people around an idea and making it happen.

It’s still a fanzine about music, arts, travels and everything in between. Emphasising on Do It Yourself, underground culture and open minded thinking, with this Issue #02 we take you on a journey around a variety of projects, people and events heart-warmingly curated to highlight different and sometimes lesser known parts of the world. 

THE JUICE Fanzine #02 contains: 

Iceland Scene Report, through the eyes of Muck, one of the very few hardcore bands in the country.

Around the World in 35 Movies

Interview with David Cabrita from Ementa Skateboarding

Article: My First Hardcore Show

Artist Profile: Michael Ribeiro 

Alex D'Alva Teixeira talking about his first vinyl

Interview with João Retorta focusing on his photographic work and his time in Brazil working with Vhils.

Interview with For The Glory

Article: Úlfur Alexander Einarsson – A Wolf in Hardcore’s Clothing

Trip Reports:

- Tracking Classics Between Italy and France

- Fluff Fest and Other European (Mis)Adventures

Photo Report: Lisbon Motelx

Vegan Cooking - Cruelty Free Flavours

+ Reviews and Playlist

It's a 8.5"x11" (21.6cm x 27.9cm) magazine, 78 pages, with coloured cover and black & white interior.
This issue is completely in English.

As for the video above, many thanks to our very talented friend Furia ACK for accepting the challenge of interpreting the Fanzine's cover over a wall in London and delivering such an amazing piece. Check out his work here.

ORDER the Fanzine here.