THUNDER TIGER - Parts & Bitters EP JR #08D


Thunder Tiger is not a band.
Thunder Tiger is a tentative of creating stuff. It represents yet another creative side of our dear friend Bráulio, who decided to offer us a new release to go along with our new The Juice Fanzine #01.

The EP is comprised of 3 songs:
Two new tracks from Thunder Tiger and a third song by Alex D'Alva Teixeira, this later one being a cover/reinterpretation of the track "Home" by Thunder Tiger, first released on 'Parts & Spares' 12" LP in 2012.

"Parts & Bitters" was recorded in 2013 by Bráulio Amado and Corentin Delprati, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.
"Lar (Home)" was recorded by Alex D'Alva Teixeira in Moita, Portugal.

Pressing Information

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