HEKA - other drugs EP JR16


heka finds her sound in other drugs and comes out with her boldest release yet.

A four-track EP, assembled in the bedroom and brought to life in a small studio on Gillett Square, sees her reunited with long-time collaborator and producer Alessandro La Barbera (Los Padres).

Saturated lo-fi beats with a hip-hop aesthetic, distorted guitars and multi-layered vocals chase each other in loops of melancholic melodies.

This is the tape-only product. It includes a digital download. You can purchase a limited tape + t-shirt bundle here.

Release gig October 23rd at Rye Wax, Peckham Rye, London .


  1. 1 - lonely like you
  2. 2 - let
  3. 3 - my blue florentine
  4. 4 - of gardens
Pressing Information

50 Clear frosted Cassette tapes in recycled cardboard packaging