The Juice #07 Launch 28 October 2019

A fanzine is inevitably personal. Not only the contents and ideas in it but the events in your life that inform how you put it together.

As our zine matures and our editorial team becomes more international and intersectional, we felt the need for the content to touch base with where we are in life as people and as zinesters.

The Juice #07 is released only weeks after a 10-month journey that took us way out of our comfort zones. Creating a publication while living in a different continent made us feel like aliens at times, but most of all brought us the realisation that a zine is a manifestation of what makes us tick. It’s a universe composed of the worlds that each person who collaborates with us carries within.

Number seven is our earnest effort to document those worlds.

To bring them to you, we’re launching our new zine with a two-day event jam-packed with activities:

Wednesday 27th

We kick things off with the opening of Other Worlds - an illustration group show where nine artists display their widely diverse interpretations of our zine’s theme, featuring:

Aleesha Nandhra
Cici Suen
Elisabetta Calabritto
Ieva Berzina
Naiting Huang
Nix Ren
Omar-Andres Hernandez
Samuel B. Thorne
xMx Luo

Thursday 28th

For the second day, we’ve put together an affordable zine editorial workshop - an afternoon crash course in modern zine-making and its tools of the trade - and an eclectic evening of live music with three talented acts that have released some of this year's best projects:

Karma Sheen
Ravi Amruth

Evening events are free entry. Make sure to RSVP to get £1 off the zine final price during the event.