JUICY Features Night Round 2 - April 5th @ Rye Wax 27 March 2017

Second instalment of our (tentatively) monthly night at Rye Wax, a venue that always makes everyone feel welcomed.

Juicy Features is a monthly gathering of music curators bringing unpredictable selections of the old and the new. An unpretentious night of nothing but people having fun and playing music they love.
We want to mix things up a lot and create opportunity for anyone to get involved and play a set. Starting off with DJ’s but open to solo artists or bands.

For this second round we invited Disagio Nero, one of the people behind Arroyo Records, to expand the sonic boundaries of your Wednesday, and we're keeping Juicy’s own Ema DJ alter-ego RE.ZX on the bill with a more Afrocentric / World music set.

Here's the Facebook event.