The Juice Zine 08 29 November 2021


Let's keep it 100: there was almost no zine this year (again, because you know, 2020...). The Juice is about gathering friends together, in and outside its pages, so the thought of releasing a zine without a party left us bummed out.

But then we realised that time only moves forward if we move along with it. The Juice Zine 08 is a testament to what gets us through, what makes us tick, what lifts us up, what gives us life. The Push/Pull issue, because we all need both of them to go through existence.

So our eighth issue celebrates life and our ability to savour the present moment, informed by the past but not bound by nostalgia. As always, we spoke to artists who inspire us, talked about things we care about and reached out to old and new friends to help bring our pages to life.

As mentioned earlier, no release party this year, but we'll be recording a special episode of The Juice Show to give more insight into the music and the people that inspired this issue.