The Juice Zine 08 - Call for Submissions! 1 July 2021

After a weird year off, we're back to print.

The next zine will be about what gets us through, what makes us tick, what lifts us up, what gives us life. What pulls us closer and what pushes us forward.

And so we introduce The Juice 08: Push/Pull Issue.

More importantly, I want to invite you to be part of it!

If you have a project to share, something you want to write about, or a suggestion to make, get in touch. If you have never collaborated with a fanzine before, get in touch. If you're part of a minority group that is underrepresented in mainstream media, get in touch. If you feel a specific topic/experience lacks visibility and accurate depictions in other publications, get in touch. If you just want to get something off your chest, get in touch.

If you're a writer, illustrator, artist, photographer, designer, or if you know one that might be interested, get involved.

How to get involved? Email us at or use our contact form.