Um Delicado Sentido de Equilíbrio, by NUNO SOUSA JR #05

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In 2010, Nuno took a chance. He moved to India for some months and decided to make the best of it. Along the way, deprived from many things he once took for granted, he reflected on his own life, on his memories, on what really had a meaning. This book collects those reflections and memories, in an enclosing final chapter to a great adventure.

“Um Delicado Sentido de Equilíbrio” is an simple and unpretentious look upon a shocking and yet enrichness reality, that has as much cultural beauty as social poverty.
For what Nuno saw from India and for what Juicy stands as an label, in every book sold there will be a 1€ profit donation to the Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust. This is a charity project that goes way beyond the common “feeding the hungry”, and whose practical results have earned its founder, Narayanan Krishnan, the acknowledgment from CNN as one of the “TOP 10 CNN HEROES 2010” in the “Protecting the Powerless” category.

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140 pages
Size: pocket book 5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm)
Color Cover
Black & white Interior on white paper