fitacola photo

New Year, new bands. But not only.

We are proud and pleased to welcome the newest addition to our roster, Fitacola, who bring with them a branded sound new to Juicy: punk rock!
How did Fitacola become part of our family? Well mainly due to another new family member, Paulo from Resposta Simples, another band with who we worked back in 2010.

Paulo came to us a couple of months ago, with ideas of getting back to releasing records and making things happen, asking if we would like him to join forces with Juicy, as that is the only logical thing to do if you are a kid who knows by heart the lyrics to "As One" by Warzone.
After the success of our colaboration to release Gaia EP it was unthinkable to say no to Paulo, so therefore we is now the partner in our Editorial! He brought with him his ideas, his musical tastes, and mostly his energy and dedication, and from all these things our collaboration with Fitacola started to develop.

So Juicy will release the next record from Fitacola, in a near future, but for now we want to leave you with their new video, "Sobreviver":


After the success of their last single "Outros Dias", Fitacola are ready to release another video from their second full-length "Caminhos Secretos".
Totally produced and edited by the band itself, "Sobreviver" shows us a darker and rawer side of the band, giving us a harsh perspective on reality, where slashes of pure punk rock are crossed with altered conscience states and confusion from the character, hitting us like a punch in the stomach.

This is the official TEASER for the video, which will be fully released on the end of February on a special show! Stay tuned for more news!