JR #06: UTOPIUM & LIFEDECEIVER - SPLIT 7" 25 October 2011


Death is a binding creature, reminder of what we all have in common.”


Life is a finite line, with moments of light and darkness, of doubt over our choices and certainty about a destination that is constant for all beings.

The choice was made: joining two bands with distinct sonorities on the same theme, the same record, where the duality is vanished on creativity and the binding role is relayed on the music and the concept of the release. And if any doubts remained, the result now comes in vinyl 7” format, with Utopium, promising grindcore band who’s been moving mountains national and internationally, bringing two new tracks and a cover (RIP Kevin Mahoney) for this edition, and Lifedeceiver, bastard children of the blackest hardcore you can find in Portuguese land, finally sharing with the world 3 tracks that have been causing damage in their visceral live sets.

With this split 7”, Juicy ultimately reveals the breadth and diversity of its releases and embraces its dark side for the first time. Emulating the ideological matrix of this record, we’re also collaborating with a label from a different scene in this release, Escaravelho Records, once again with the conviction to unite the underground music and break false barriers and stereotypes.

We will have 40 discs in cream colour, exclusive to Juicy Records.