JR16: Heka - other drugs EP 23 September 2019

heka finds her sound in other drugs and comes out with her boldest release yet.

A four-track EP, assembled in the bedroom and brought to life in a small studio on Gillett Square, sees her reunited with long-time collaborator and producer Alessandro La Barbera (Los Padres).

If the singles released in 2017 were but an eclectic collection of sonic directions, on other drugs, heka's sophomore Juicy release, the vision is clear.

Saturated lo-fi beats with a hip-hop aesthetic, distorted guitars and multi-layered vocals chase each other in loops of melancholic melodies.

We're doing a very limited run of cassette tapes that you can pre-order exclusively with a special t-shirt bundle. Only 50 available!

heka other drugs ep - tape & tee bundle

And there's more: if you opt to collect your pre-ordered bundle on October 23rd at the free-entry EP release gig we're putting on at Rye Wax, down in Peckham Rye, you get £2.00 off the final price!

Make sure so come down and be part of the birth of this new record. heka will perform all the new songs alongside some of the older gems and will be joined by a few special friends.